EMAX Beauté Dons Top Hats and Tiaras for Annual Dinner 2024

"Hard work deserves to be celebrated," a belief that resonates deeply with the members of EMAX Beauté. This sentiment was clearly reflected at the Annual Dinner 2024, held at the Sheraton Imperial KL.

Celebrating success! EMAX Beauté staff at the Annual Dinner, rocking British Glamour.

A star-studded celebration unfolded, honouring the dedication and achievements of the strength of EMAX Beauté - the ones who have dedicated their time and energy to shaping the company into what it is today!
Themed “British Glamour”, attendees donned their finest dresses and suits, adding an air of elegance to the magnificent evening.


Celebrating success with a bang! EMAX Beauté staff perform at the Annual Dinner.

The night was filled with vibrant smiles and dazzling attire.
Small teams from different departments took to the stage, delivering captivating performances that had everyone tapping their feet and dancing along. A delicious Western-themed menu complemented the evening's atmosphere.

EMAX Beauté Annual Dinner 2024: Top Sales Outlet award winners celebrate with their team.



The highlight of the night was the recognition ceremony. Awards were presented to outstanding employees who consistently delivered exceptional performance throughout the year. Adding to the excitement, a Lucky Draw offered attendees the chance to win complimentary beauty treatments.


EMAX Beauté staff raising a toast and sharing a fun moment at the Annual Dinner

As the evening drew to a close, the Annual Dinner remained etched in everyone's memory. It was a testament to EMAX Beauté's commitment to its backbone and a celebration of their remarkable achievements.