EMAX Beauté Introduces Full Moon Sound Bath for Mental Wellness
Full moons are significant times for culmination, release, and inner reflection. Recognizing this, EMAX Beauté hosted the "Full Moon Sound Bath" event, exploring how sound frequencies and vibrations can promote relaxation and emotional balance.

EMAX Beauté "Full Moon Sound Bath" participants experiencing deep relaxation with sound vibrations.

There were two sessions: an exclusive gathering for our VIP customers to honour their loyalty and a public session with a nominal fee of RM130 per ticket.

Demonstrating our commitment to mental health, EMAX Beauté ensured the event's impact extended beyond the attendees, as 100% of the proceeds were donated to Yayasan Chow Kit, supporting children's therapy and mental wellness initiatives.

Positive feedback flooded in from participants, expressing their enjoyment of the experience. Among the praise, one commendation stood out: recognition of the exceptional talents of the sound engineers, holistic healers, and tea ceremony specialists at Shaman Tearoom. As a token of appreciation for their support of this worthy cause, we surprised attendees with our best-selling mask box, valued at RM420.

It’s easy to brush off rituals that benefit our mental health as trivial, but they make a world of difference. Negative thoughts can snowball into something more detrimental if not addressed. If you know someone struggling mentally in this chaotic world, don’t hesitate to reach out to a helpline. Together, we can work towards making mental health struggles a thing of the past.

Attendees of all ages gather after the EMAX Beauté "Full Moon Sound Bath" session, feeling refreshed and relaxed.

So, next time the full moon rolls around, remember the magic of EMAX Beauté's Full Moon Sound Bath.