Leading and Growing
EMAX Beauté International
Since 2011

As a leader with a vision to be the best in the beauty, skincare, hair, and body wellness industry in Malaysia, Wilson constantly encourages his team to push beyond their comfort zones, be it product innovation, campaign ideas, or event activations.

He’s a strong believer in doing what you love and loving what you do. Wilson believes in creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment for team members and customers alike and encourages the team to strive for personal growth and success in their careers.

In the 10 years that Wilson has been leading and growing EMAX Beauté
International, a homegrown beauty, skincare, hair and body wellness
company, the primary responsibility that he envisioned for the brands
is to educate and empower individuals on self-care, through looking and feeling confident in themselves. With his latest venture into aesthetics, he is on a mission to normalise invasive treatments and make them affordable to customers while providing exceptional customer experiences.

In terms of career progression and business expansion, Wilson led the
establishment of Beauté Library in 2011 at the tender age of 20, followed by the birth of Venusde and Curvena in 2018. After braving the effects of the lockdown which under Wilson’s leadership and strategy still thrived, B+ Clinic was founded in 2022 along with the appointment of 4 professional doctors.

Beauté Library
EST. 2011
EST. 2019
EST. 2019
B+ Clinic

As a man in a female-dominant industry, he's on a mission to make a
difference by reimagining the typical retail service norms and culture
by adopting a customer-first approach. This approach is already
delivering results and has earned us a reputation as a company that
truly cares about its customers and provides head-to-toe solutions
based on their demands.

I strongly believe that it is our responsibility to use our platform and resources to make a meaningful impact on society.

Giving back to society has been at the heart of EMAX Beauté under
Wilson’s leadership. Due to the challenges of the pandemic, he was
unable to organise much since the Pinky Run in 2018, which attracted
3,000 participants and helped raise RM10,000 in aid of the National
Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM).

Moreover, with the recent launch of Beauté Library’s first ever fully
integrated Raya campaign costing RM1Mil, a charity dinner was held
and Wilson donated RM20,000 in support of underprivileged and
marginalised children of SUKA Society, mostly refugees who fled to
Malaysia from war-torn nations. There are many more launches and
activities in the pipeline, including a 3-day Pinktober Festival in aid of
breast cancer awareness and the National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Wilson’s personal passion lies in inspiring the younger generation to
find purpose and meaning, even in the simplest things. In his free time,
you can find him indulging in his ultra-wide range of hobbies, from
anything related to boards like snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding,
wake surfing, flow riding, and kite-surfing, to hyper-competitive
activities like tennis and spin. He is also an electric urban commute
enthusiast, enjoying electric bikes, go-karts, and electric boards.

Wilson is an avid reader of nonfiction, mostly about human behaviour
and productivity, and is also exploring fiction. A specialty coffee lover
by day and an eccentric whiskey collector by night, Wilson is obsessed
with modern, trending, interactive arts and interior design.

As a CEO and entrepreneur under the age of 30, a doting husband and
father of three, Wilson's story and approach to business will resonate
with your aspiring readers and we'd love the opportunity to share it
with them.

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