EMAX goes on a Seoul-ful Escapade to Korea

“Post-pandemic travel or vacation should not be confined to individuals or families alone, it should be embraced by organisations too”. That’s the belief of our CEO, Wilson Lee. 



As such, 115 members of the EMAX team recently enjoyed an unforgettable time at an annual company trip to Seoul, Korea. It was a well-deserved opportunity to unwind and bond after putting in dedicated hard work.


Right from the start of the journey, an infectious sense of excitement permeated the air as colleagues eagerly anticipated shared adventures and joyful experiences. Organising this post-covid company trip was Wilson’s personal mission to foster team unity and provide a chance to create lasting memories together through new places, cuisine, and activities. Strengthening the invaluable bonds between teams was at the heart of this initiative.

As CEO, Wilson holds a strong belief that a company's most valuable asset is its people. Neglecting their growth and well-being is not an option when their potential is limitless.

After an enjoyable 4N5D stay, the team returned with rejuvenated minds, deeper connections, and a renewed drive to tackle fresh challenges.