360 Curve+ Slim Fit Campaign

Curvena resort; an eclusive influencer-only wellness weekend at KL's latest heritage luxury hotel, ELSE retreats. 

Curvena invited a group of influencers from all walks of life to a weekend filled with wellness and holistic activities hosted at the ELSE Hotel, a blissful oasis set amidst the city centre. The resort-themed event, held from 17th - 19th February 2023, aimed to create curiosity and awareness for the new and improved 360 Curve+ Slim Fit treatment offered at Curvena.

What is the idea behind this unconventional theme? Curvena Resort is a therapeutic oasis that welcomes all individuals with their perfect imperfections. It is a safe haven to escape the bustling city life and rediscover oneself. At Curvena Resort, guests find like-minded individuals and take meaningful, lasting bonds home. They leave feeling more powerful, assertive, and ready to take on anything headed their way.

The wellness weekend was carefully crafted to offer an exceptional experience to the influencers. The event highlights included the brand introduction, pottery making, yoga session, float pod, personal coaching and the newly launched 360 Curve+ Slim Fit treatment as well as the crowd favourite, Magneto Fork Lymphatic Massage Therapy.

One of the guests said, "Thank you for the loveliest and most relaxing weekend! Everything was so thoughtfully and meticulously planned”. Another participant shared, "I never realised the joy and satisfaction of channelling our creativity by slabbing, wedging, stacking, and moulding clay to create our own unique hand ceramic pottery. Had an amazing time bonding and making new friends. The food at ELSE Hotel was so delicious, every bite was like heaven.. Thank you, Curvena team, for the superb and fun activities! It was amazing!"

Needless to say, the wellness weekend was a huge success and achieved its objective of creating curiosity and awareness for the new and improved 360 Curve+ Slim Fit treatment offered at Curvena as our social channels were buzzing with engagement and inquiries.

The 360 Curve treatment is no stranger to Curvena as it was kicked off in the year 2020. The first version introduced to Curvena used a highly advanced 3D RF energy with negative pressure vacuum therapy to bring fat cells to a fast and active state which is then safely and effectively excreted out of your body. 

As time and technology evolved, so did the treatment, which led us to introduce the all-new 360 Curve + Slim Fit. This treatment in turn uses a combination of thermal energy, vacuum therapy and negative pressure gravitation to break your fatty acids down and flush them out through your lymphatic system. While at it, this treatment also works to improve and detoxify your digestive system, stimulate the production of collagen and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Talk about a win-win treatment! 

As far as the wholesomeness of its name goes; 360 Curve + Slim Fit can be used to treat almost every part of your body, from your thighs, buttocks, shoulders, tummy, back and flabby arms. It’s the real deal. Those love handles, flabby arms and cellulite you try so hard to lose will now be treated and gone. 

This holistic 30-minute treatment is priced at RM 398 but to make it accessible and for everyone to have a chance to try it, you can try it at RM 68 for the first time. 

To experience it in person, simply visit any of our Curvena outlets located across the Klang Valley for a free consultation today or contact us at 03- 2727 7475 for more information.