B+ Clinic Opens Its Doors, Ready To Serve Your Skin!

On the 26th of November, B+ Clinic, located at Damansara Uptown, opened its doors to the public during a launch that lasted for 7 days. The main idea of the launch was to garner awareness that there’s a new aesthetic clinic open and we’re ready to get down to business. 

B+ Clinic was founded to make premium aesthetic treatments accessible to the general public and educate them on the flow of the entire process. It goes without saying that you automatically think of the pain when people talk about aesthetic treatments and the fact that it’ll alter your facial features scares people. Hence, why we aim to debunk that perception. 
Also, if you didn’t already know, B+ Clinic is an extension of Beauté Library, a beauty treatment centre that’s been around since 2011 and provides non-invasive beauty treatments.
As our introductory and entry-level treatment is the HA+ Collagen Complex Skin Booster Treatment, two activation games were organised during the launch. The first was the H.A. Pool game. Guests were required to scoop out the green balls in the pool that were among many silver balls. This was to signify that the HA+ Collagen Complex Skin Booster Treatment offered at B+ Clinic is unique and differs from the rest as it is formulated with a blend of 48 different ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Moving on to the next activation game, the H.A. Pew Pew. Here, the guests were asked to pick a weapon of their choice where 5 different NERF guns were laid out for them. They then had to shoot their skin worries down through a box that stated the different skin concerns. Additionally, the gun was used to signify our syringes used. 


Following the H.A. Pew Pew game, the guests were led into the last room where we showcased what the real treatment room would look like. On the ceiling, above the ivory-white treatment chair that was surrounded by a teal-green curtain, was a round mirror that was intentionally designed for transparency, for you to be able to watch the treatment administered to your skin. 


Our HA+ Collagen Complex is suitable to be used on all skin types and it aids in refining fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating cell function, improving skin elasticity and texture, refining your pores as well as accelerating the skin’s regeneration rate.   If you’re considering trying the HA+ Collagen Skin Complex Booster Treatment for yourself, you can try it now for only RM 199, which is our introductory trial price in conjunction with our launch.