Beauté Library paints the town pink with their Pinktober Festival, The Pinky Run 2023

Beauté Library was thrilled to have hosted the return of its highly anticipated Pinktober Festival, The Pinky Run 2023 for the second year, from 13-15 October 2023, at MyTOWNKL Shopping Centre. 

This year, Beauté Library was privileged to collaborate with
Kementerian Belia & Sukan (KBS) in conjunction with Hari Sukan Negara and the support of various government departments. Each partner played a pivotal role in reaching out to Malaysians, offering career and entrepreneurial opportunities, professional guidance, and access to untapped resources. 

The Pinktober Festival 2023 encompassed a three-day celebration with various activities. Beyond fundraising, attendees could participate in engaging activities such as a lucky draw, a charity auction, enlightening talks, and workshops organised by Beauté Library and its strategic partners. Vendors were also on hand, added to the festivity by offering a wide range of delicacies and products to delight the Pinky Runners. The Pinky Run itself concluded the event on October 15th, 2023.

With its dual mission of raising awareness and the promise of captivating activities in The Pinky Run, it drew the attention of many, all eager to participate and become a part of this historic day. This event became a remarkable chapter in our collective fight against breast cancer. Participants, ranging from people in their late 80s, to differently abled citizens, all came together with a common purpose - to stand in solidarity and offer their unwavering support to this extraordinary event.

As the Pinktober Festival and The Pinky Run 2023 commenced with the exciting 3km Fun Walk, over 3,000 participants gathered, walking in unity to support breast cancer awareness. As the streets of MyTOWNKL transformed into a sea of pink, it serves as a testament that the colour pink carries more strength than we often realise, and October can represent more than just a month to us.