Beauté Library accumulated a total of RM20,000 Pinky Fund for the National Cancer Society  Malaysia (NCSM)!

Breast cancer is the No. 1 leading cancer in Malaysia. Unfortunately,  nearly 47.9% of the cases are diagnosed in Stages 3 & 4 whereas breast cancer that’s found early is easier to treat successfully. According to Cancer Research Malaysia, breast cancer patients in Malaysia from high-income backgrounds have a 90% survival rate, far better than the 65% survival rate for those from low-income backgrounds.

The journey of The Pinky Run began with Beauté Library's commitment to empowering women through job opportunities and career development. Choosing breast cancer as their fundraising cause, they organised The Pinky Run 2018 and raised RM10,000 for the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM). 

This year, Beauté Library doubled their impact to raise RM20,000 to address the growing need for breast cancer screening and treatment support for the lower-income community.

In an effort to understand the journey of breast cancer survivors and the emotional challenges they face, Beauté Library conducted interviews with three remarkable individuals from NCSM's Pink Unity support group. Their stories not only inspire but also help destigmatize the fear associated with cancer, highlighting that it's just like any other illness. 


In the words of Ms Mahani, cancer survivor and President of the Pink Unity, 

“Please do not equate cancer to death. Cancer is just an illness.

If you’re scared, have a family history of cancer, or have come to a certain age, just go for screening”. 

With the participation of over 3,000 individuals, Pinktober Festival, The Pinky Run 2023 proved to be a tremendous success, raising RM20,000 to be donated to the National Cancer Society Malaysia. This occasion bears witness to the beauty of selflessness and the power of aspiration.